Currently - due to a full agenda - it is not possible for new customers to book private lessons.

Having a relaxed mind in a healthy and strong body is a valuable aspect of life for everyone.
This affects your relationships, your work and your spare time.

You don't have to be young or free from physical discomfort to feel healthy, relaxed and fit. You can compensate a lot with a healthy lifestyle.

But a healthy lifestyle is often easier said than done ...!
You may not know what you could do to get fitter, healthier and more relaxed, for example:

  • You have bad posture;
  • You have back problems or complaints in your neck/shoulders;
  • You feel that your energy is out of balance;
  • You are facing a burnout, or are in the middle of it, or are just getting out;
  • You are pregnant (or have just been) and you want to exercise in a responsible way;
  • You don't know where and how to start;
  • You find it difficult to choose between yoga and Pilates;
  • You are afraid that you will (again) get injuries;
  • You don't feel at home in a group lesson;
  • You find it hard to do (relaxation) exercises by yourself.

Engaging Personal Pilates & Yoga Training at Bidalasana Body & Mind is the solution to really start working on your physical and mental health.


As a Personal Trainer, I, Saskia van Gelder, am more than a 'normal' personal trainer.

During the lessons (which last an hour) techniques from both PILATES and YOGA are used. I coach you completely individually, completely tailored, with all attention for you. I motivate you personally and I inspire you to get the best out of yourself. In doing so, I take into account your possible injuries, physical condition and your wishes.

However, I will not only help you to become more aware of (the limits of) your body, but also of your mental limits, so that any blockages and tensions can be released more easily and you can let your energy flow again. Scientific research has now shown that there are clear relationships between body and mind!


Benefits of Personal Pilates & Yoga Training at Bidalasana Body & Mind

  • Private lesson from a teacher with years of experience in teaching both Pilates and yoga;
  • Pilates and yoga exercises to become physically stronger and more flexible;
  • Exercises to increase your body awareness and thus improve your mental health;
  • Experiencing that your body has a self-healing ability to a large extent;
  • Guided exercises for an hour in a responsible way while relaxing at the same time;
  • Can be planned in any busy schedule;
  • 100% attention on you alone;
  • Location: in the professionally equipped Bidalasana studio or outside in nature.


Duo training

Training together at Bidalasana Body & Mind also has its advantages. It is fun and can provide extra motivation. It is also financially attractive to be able to share the costs. For duo training (2 people) it is necessary that you both pursue the same goal and know each other well or at least have a 'click' with each other.


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